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Engular's been around the block and knows how to help you make your business grow.

Web Development

We work with a wonderful team of designers and application developers to bring your website to life. From small scale projects, to longer application development, our team of full stack developers will make sure the job gets done and gets done correctly.


Engular will sit down with your team to help determine the best way to use technology to optimize your workplace. We can analyze every step of your workflow to see if there's a way we can aid in the automation and optimization of your everyday activities.

Our Clients

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Engular makes pricing easy to make sure that you get the services you need, when you need them. You can choose between our retainer program and our custom dev program. Our retainer program provides you a set of services at a monthly rate, and our custom program allows you to call us in at an hourly or project rate to solve your problems.


Our retainer program allows you to select a set of services at an monthly rate, to make sure that all of your technology stays up to date.

Starting from $90/m

other services

Have a one time project? We offer hourly and project rates depending on what you have in mind. You can call us at (989) 750-1752, or use the button below to talk to an Engular representative and help us figure out what you had in mind.

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